Villa Malta

VILLA MALTA Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Malta, a boutique holiday villa presented us with the opportunity to weave a narrative of understated comfort and luxury. The project involved enhancing an already beautiful structure, characterized by its natural limestone walls and stunning views, into a seamless blend of interior elegance and the villa’s intrinsic […]

Joe Public

JOE PUBLIC Joe Public, a globally renowned advertising agency, entrusted us with the design of their new boardroom and customer experience center. Known for their dynamic approach and creative prowess, the agency sought a space that would not only embody their brand but also leave a lasting impression on all who enter. Project Redesign and […]

Est Est Alea

EST EST ALEA A modern minimalist fine dining experience, where a clean and engaging space is combined with light industrial accents to accompany some of the finest 12 course dining on offer. Project Design of a fine dining restaurant  Location Johannesburg, South Africa Inspiration Our client, renowned chef, Dario de Angeli, approcahed us to rennovate […]

Private Reserve

PRIVATE RESERVE Nestled in the heart of a semi-arid landscape, this haven merges contemporary luxury with raw authenticity. Every corner pays homage to its environment, crafted meticulously with stone and rock found on site, rejuvenating wood, and expansive glass that plays with the sun’s dance. Project Design of a private game lodge home in Southern […]


TOYOTA Toyota, a leading name in the automotive industry, commissioned us to reimagine their head offices, advanced driving center, and new retail showrooms. The project’s cornerstone was to infuse Toyota’s longstanding values and traditions into a design that also brings to the forefront their exciting GR brand. Project Redesign and fitout of Toyota Head Office, […]

Jozi Gin

JOZI GIN We were approached to design a striking and colorful, art-deco inspired space for the newest Jozi Gin. The main feature bar was to replicate the opulence of the art-deco era but still remain true to the eclectic industrial look and feel of the brand. Project Design of the new Jozi Gin in Restaurant […]

Billy the Bum’s

BILLY THE BUM’S Billy the Bum’s, a renowned name in the world of nightlife, embarked on an exciting journey with us to revamp their iconic cocktail bar and nightclub. With a reputation for vibrant and unforgettable evenings, the venue sought a design transformation that would breathe new life into its space while maintaining its essence […]


LIFESTYLE HOME GARDEN Lifestyle Home Garden, a haven for gardening enthusiasts and home decorators, recently entrusted us with the task of rejuvenating their merchandise stands and points of sale. Our goal was to enhance the shopping experience while staying true to the essence of their brand – natural, organic, and deeply connected to the earth. […]

Wanderers Stadium

WANDERERS STADIUM The Wanderers Cricket Stadium, an iconic venue steeped in sports history, embarked on a significant refurbishment of its media center, with our team at the helm of this transformation. Known for hosting some of cricket’s most memorable moments, the stadium required a modern yet functional upgrade to its media facilities, which had become […]


FINESSE & LOUMOD Finesse / Loumod, a prestigious chain of upmarket boutique fashion stores, approached us with a vision to redefine their retail experience. The objective was to transform their stores into spaces that epitomized luxury and minimalism, creating an environment where their exquisite merchandise would take center stage. Project Interior design and detailing for […]