Billy the Bum’s, a renowned name in the world of nightlife, embarked on an exciting journey with us to revamp their iconic cocktail bar and nightclub. With a reputation for vibrant and unforgettable evenings, the venue sought a design transformation that would breathe new life into its space while maintaining its essence of fun and allure.


Renovation of an existing nightclub




Inspired by the electric energy of nightclubs and the timeless appeal of classic speakeasies, our vision was to create a space that exudes a dark, sultry ambiance while injecting a playful spirit. The design aimed to reflect the vivacity and provocative charm that is synonymous with Billy the Bum’s.

We embraced a bold black and white color palette as the foundation of our design, ensuring a sleek and sophisticated backdrop for the nightlife experience. This classic dichotomy provided a canvas for splashes of gold accents, adding a touch of luxury and warmth to the overall atmosphere.

The central feature of our design was a striking graphic wall, adorned with provocative yet playful angel graffiti. This artistic element was meant to be a conversation starter, embodying the essence of Billy the Bum’s – a place where cheekiness and elegance coexist.

The Result

The result of this renovation is a captivating fusion of elegance and edginess. Billy the Bum’s has been transformed into a modern-day nightlife haven, where the sultry meets the whimsical. The contrasting black and white interiors, enriched with golden accents, create a luxurious yet inviting environment, perfect for a night of escapades.

The graffiti angel feature wall has become the heart of the venue, embodying the spirit of Billy the Bum’s and offering guests a unique backdrop for their social engagements. The playful art piece not only honors the club’s heritage but also sets the tone for a night of fun and intrigue.

The revamped Billy the Bum’s has been met with rave reviews, successfully attracting a diverse crowd looking for a sophisticated yet fun night out. The project stands as a testament to our ability to blend bold design concepts with practical nightlife needs, creating spaces that are not just visually stunning but also vibrant hubs of social interaction.