Lifestyle Home Garden, a haven for gardening enthusiasts and home decorators, recently entrusted us with the task of rejuvenating their merchandise stands and points of sale. Our goal was to enhance the shopping experience while staying true to the essence of their brand – natural, organic, and deeply connected to the earth.


Redesign and fitout of new retail merchandise stands and points of sale


Johannesburg, South Africa


True to the spirit of Lifestyle Home Garden, our vision was to create an environment that feels like an extension of the garden itself. We aimed to enhance the customer experience by bringing the essence of the outdoors into every interaction point within the store.

Design Elements:

  • Natural Pine: We chose natural pine for the new merchandise stands and points of sale for its organic appeal and durability. Its light, fresh appearance not only complemented the array of gardening products but also brought a sense of the outdoors inside.

  • Artificial Foliage: To further embed the feeling of being surrounded by nature, we strategically integrated high-quality artificial foliage. This greenery added vibrant touches throughout the space, creating a seamless blend between the products and their natural counterparts.

  • Layout and Flow: We carefully considered the customer journey, redesigning the layout to guide visitors through a natural flow. This allowed for an immersive shopping experience, where customers could easily navigate and enjoy the variety of products on display.

The Result

The rejuvenation of Lifestyle Home Garden stands and points of sale has been met with overwhelming positivity. The use of natural pine and artificial foliage has not only revitalized the space but also reinforced the brand’s commitment to natural and organic living. Customers now enjoy a shopping experience that feels like a stroll through a serene garden, enhancing their connection to the brand and its offerings.