Toyota, a leading name in the automotive industry, commissioned us to reimagine their head offices, advanced driving center, and new retail showrooms. The project’s cornerstone was to infuse Toyota’s longstanding values and traditions into a design that also brings to the forefront their exciting GR brand.


Redesign and fitout of Toyota Head Office, Advanced Driving Centre & Showrooms


South Africa


Our inspiration stemmed from the dynamic and thrilling world of auto racing, a realm where the GR brand thrives. We aimed to capture the essence of speed, precision, and innovation that is synonymous with Toyota’s heritage, particularly in their racing ventures.

To achieve this, we employed a high-contrast color palette of red, black, and white, evocative of both the Toyota and GR brand identities. These colors not only resonate with the brand’s ethos but also create an environment that is both modern and electrifying.

Our design features took cues from the adrenaline-fueled world of racing. Checkered flag patterns, reminiscent of the race track’s finish line, were incorporated into key areas, symbolizing victory and excellence. Elements of racing tracks were subtly integrated into the layout, guiding movement and creating a sense of fluid dynamism within the space.

Modern lines and angles were a key component of our design strategy, reflecting the sleekness and aerodynamic qualities of Toyota’s vehicles. Lighting was carefully considered and executed to accentuate these lines and angles, casting dramatic shadows and highlights that animate the spaces with a sense of motion and energy.

The centerpiece of our design is the boardroom table, ingeniously modeled after a takeaway restaurant booth, offering both comfort and an unconventional flair. The walls are adorned with artwork reminiscent of stylized menus, echoing the advertising creativity that Joe Public is renowned for.

Additionally, we introduced an element of whimsy with furniture that playfully resembles oversized takeout foods, marrying functionality with a sense of fun. To further personalize the space, we created custom wallpaper featuring a collage of receipts from their clients’ points of sale – a subtle nod to their successful campaigns and a testament to the agency’s impactful work in the food and beverage sector.

The Result

The redesigned Toyota head offices, advanced driving center, and retail showrooms now stand as a vibrant embodiment of the Toyota and GR brand identities. The spaces not only pay homage to Toyota’s rich legacy in the automotive world but also boldly assert their forward-thinking vision.

Visitors and employees are greeted with an atmosphere that is both contemporary and reflective of Toyota’s racing heritage. The use of thematic design elements has created an immersive experience, making every interaction within these spaces memorable and distinctly Toyota.

The project has been applauded for its innovative approach, successfully integrating Toyota’s values and traditions with the spirited essence of the GR brand, all while maintaining a functional and inspiring environment. This design journey with Toyota demonstrates our commitment to transforming corporate spaces into impactful, brand-aligned experiences.