The Wanderers Cricket Stadium, an iconic venue steeped in sports history, embarked on a significant refurbishment of its media center, with our team at the helm of this transformation. Known for hosting some of cricket’s most memorable moments, the stadium required a modern yet functional upgrade to its media facilities, which had become outdated and in need of rejuvenation.


Renovation and extension of stadium media centre




Our inspiration for the Wanderers Cricket Stadium’s media center revamp was drawn from the stadium’s rich legacy and the dynamic world of sports media. The goal was to create a state-of-the-art media hub that catered not only to the functional needs of commentary and press but also embodied a sense of prestige and excitement befitting international sporting events.

The refurbishment included extending the upper tier to incorporate additional commentary booths and expanding the press box to accommodate more media personnel. The design aesthetic aimed to reflect the energy and vibrancy of live sports while ensuring comfort and efficiency for the users.

A key focus was the creation of a welcoming lounge and catering area, designed to host international guests and media representatives. This space was envisioned to be more than just functional; it needed to be a showcase of the stadium’s hospitality, blending comfort with the exhilarating atmosphere of cricket.

The Result

The revamped media center at the Wanderers Cricket Stadium has been transformed into a world-class facility. The extended upper tier and expanded press box now provide ample, state-of-the-art space for media operations, ensuring that every match is covered with the utmost professionalism.

The newly created lounge and catering area have been received with great acclaim. Designed to offer a warm welcome to international guests, it serves as a perfect spot for relaxation and networking, all while soaking in the thrilling ambiance of the stadium. The use of modern design elements, combined with comfortable seating and top-notch catering facilities, ensures that every guest’s experience is nothing short of exceptional.

This refurbishment has successfully elevated the Wanderers Cricket Stadium’s standing as a premier sports venue, ensuring it continues to be celebrated not just for the great moments of cricket it hosts, but also for its world-class facilities. The project stands as a proud testament to our commitment to merging functionality with innovative design, catering to the unique needs of sports media and international guests.